veg or non veg??what do you prefer and why??

January 19, 2010 12:06pm CST
what kind do you guys prefer??veg or non veg?/there are some who just cant live without eating non veg but again some people are pure vegetarian???which one is better??and why??why do you prefer veg or non veg??or you like both veg and non veg as far as you are getting good food?? share with me your opinions mylotters
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@AmandaMBF (284)
• Brazil
19 Jan 10
I really like veg and non veg! But if I need to choose one I prefer non veg!!!!! I eat meat preferencially!!!!! I love Bacon, Sausage, and fish!!!! And i can't live without it!!!!!! So I prefer non veg!!!!! But I eat both!!!!!!
• India
21 Jan 10
i dont love fish that much...i like pnly a few fishes but i prefer meat....i jusst lobe meat,also its essential in the cold places because it keeps you warm.....
• Indonesia
19 Jan 10
I eat both. Ago, i didn't several sorts of veg but i forced myself to eat it. Now i can eat both veg n non-veg. I think, a balance nutrient is good for our body. I don't think an extreme veg is good.
• India
19 Jan 10
ya.dats what i feel too but some people do tend to eat only veg......they dont even think of touching non veg in their whole life....i have met peoples like these. its really wierd
@TAZNEM (656)
• Philippines
26 Feb 10
i think it depends. but for me i prefer eating both, i like vegetable and i eat meat too. i eat dishes that mixed them together. but vegetarians have different view so they dont eat meat, but i dont know about people that eat meat only i dont think there are groups that only eat meat
@checkmail (2041)
• India
20 Jan 10
Hello abhiabhiabhiabhi me too like to eat bioth veg and non-veg, as per my likes and days in the weeks.Well there are certain days on which i have to eat only veg, no non-veg foods, traditional days.Also we have adv in eating both the food as veg contains vitamins in it and non-veg have some proteins in it.Both are essential for our health and body fitness.Have seen lot o peoples pure veg but seems like lack of poer and strngth in them, than that of peoles eating non-veg foods.Me too like the medicinal properties of veg but still am not complete veg as needs proteind in form of non-veg foods.Anyways keep it up with your food and mylotting.Happy mylotting.
@snowy22315 (72492)
• United States
19 Jan 10
I prefer being veg because I think it is better for you, cheaper and does not involve eating animals although since I have been a carnivore from way back, I find it difficult to go any lenght of time without eating meat. I have tried.
• Mexico
19 Jan 10
Our bodies hasn't been designed to consume meat instead of that we must consume lots of veg