Do you read every response in your discussions?

@vycess (1588)
Saudi Arabia
January 19, 2010 6:31pm CST
Sometimes when I have so many posts or discussions I tend to forgot some of them. but I always read when I remember. I appreciate all the mylotters who respond to my post and discussions. And I apologize to some that I forgot to read and respond. :) Peace to all.
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@maezee (40974)
• United States
20 Jan 10
I am very forgetful about them. But I appreciate anyone who responds to any of my discussions! It means a lot to me even if I forget to articulate that every now and again. . I'm such a scatterbrain. lol.
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@bounce58 (17449)
• Canada
20 Jan 10
I always make sure that I comment to all responses to my discussions. First off, I I was the one who put the discussions out there, and people took the time to read and respond to it. I think, it's just a courtesy to acknowledge their efforts. Plus of course it helps with your earnings here.
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@myfb2009 (8296)
• Malaysia
20 Jan 10
Yes, i do read every responses in my discussions only i don't reply to every responses when i am busy. Because sometimes, when i create too many discussions, i tends to reply only to those who write and can describe very well. As for short responses, usually i will just give a short comment or sometimes i just totally forgot to give any comment as well. I also feels sorry for not giving any comment to those who had reply to my discussions. But, i am really appreciate to those who had been very active participate in my discussions.
@rosekiss (30327)
• Eugene, Oregon
20 Jan 10
Since I have notifiers on, then it lets me know when someone responds, and yes I do read them. I have never had so many responses, that I haven't had time to read them, and comment back. I am just not as fortunate as some who will 100 or more to their discussions. I am still waiting for that, but it if never happens, I am just glad for the responses I do receive, as I find it really hard to come up with a topic of interest, and that is why I don't really start all that many discussions. I find it easier just to respond to others, as I don't have to think so hard to do that. I am really enjoying myself here no matter what I do, and that is all that matters. Good luck to you and happy mylotting.
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• Philippines
22 Jan 10
I always read them vycess... That is the first think that I do before answering others discussions. It is my simple way of thanking them for sharing their views to me. FORGET TO RESPOND? Well, that thing doesn't happen to me because I am more of a responder... and if I posted new topic, it is always about my concern so I always checked on them.
@May2k8 (11403)
• Indonesia
22 Jan 10
I read all the responses or comments received, and if there is time I participated in it. You should respond through their responses, because we need to interact in here, what's the point if we only accept the discussion but no single word that came out of our own.
@Hatley (164169)
• Garden Grove, California
21 Jan 10
hi vycess yes indeed as I make a comment on every response also how can you give a best response unless you read them all. you make very good earnings doing comments on the responses to your discussions. try it and see that I am right. I made close to two dollars yesterday and I had been ill.