Are you still a radio listener?

@vycess (1588)
Saudi Arabia
January 19, 2010 6:36pm CST
I still listen to radio but not everyday. I only listen when wanted to or when I remember I have access to radio stations and when there's no other things to do. I like listening to FM radio but some stations are boring, some are not. Sometimes I also listen to kelp me sleep :)
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• China
4 Feb 10
Hi,vycess,I don't listen to radio now.When I was in high school I always listened to radio bcz I did't have other tools for entertainment. All the best.
@emine08 (1551)
• Indonesia
1 Feb 10
actually I am not a radio listener anymore, I don't have radio to listen to. to hear the music i just turn on the TV and there are a lot of music program to listen to.
@Allie_xoxo (1064)
• Canada
22 Jan 10
i DO still listen sometimes. Not as much as I used to though. Radio may go the way of the dinosaurs.
@Cheiyen (317)
• Philippines
20 Jan 10
nope when i'm working abroad. i'm always busy and i don't watch TV often either. however i do when i go back to my homecountry. my brothers like to listen to FM/AM radio. when i was younger, i loved listening to AM radio and i keep up with varied interesting programs or shows.
@bounce58 (17408)
• Canada
20 Jan 10
I listen to sportstalk radio. On my way to work, and getting home at the end of the day. Most of the guys are funny while they dish out sports stats. At home, sometimes I live stream a radio station from my home town. Just to hear what's in, what's hot back home.
@saphrina (31610)
• South Africa
23 Jan 10
I love listening to the radio, especially in the mornings and yes, me and my hubby cannot go to sleep if the radio is turned off. In my country, we have a nice radiostation, jacanranda fm. There they have all the music you can think off, they keep you up to date with traffic and the news, as well. I personally think we should always listen to the radio now and then.
@greenline (14842)
• Canada
20 Jan 10
Yes, I do listen to the radio, almost every day, while driving to work and while driving back home. I listen to the news broadcasts and to the music stations. That's very relaxing especially when driving back home after a long stressful day at work. I like listening to FM stations too. They have a variety of music and songs.
• Canada
20 Jan 10
I dont usually listen to the radio. The main reason is because they dont have any good stations around here that I like. There is a radio station that I like thats about 2 hours away from here but I seem to usually have trouble getting the signal. Sometimes when I drive I listen to satellite radio (Sirius) to things like the 90's alternative rock station (Lithium I believe), and Howard Stern. I also occasionally will listen to radio stations on the computer - on iTunes - such as Buzz radio.
@dodo19 (46434)
• Beaconsfield, Quebec
20 Jan 10
Once in a while, I do find myself in the mood to listen to the radio. Usually I just listen to the music that I have on my computer, but sometimes I do feel like listening to something other than what I have on the music list that I have on my computer. Sometimes I just need a change.
@maezee (42235)
• United States
20 Jan 10
Rarely do I listen to the radio anymore. The only time I MIGHT is when I'm driving, and that's only if I forget to bring my CDs or iPod with me and I need background noise. I really don't like commercials though, mainly because of the annoying commercials and the inability of finding a channel where I actually LIKE the music that's playing
@SirDukes (10)
• United States
20 Jan 10
I listen to the morning shows that play on my way to work. Check this out ... by the way im not promoting any thing this is my radio station and I love to listen every morning
• United States
20 Jan 10
I used to listen to the radio when i didnt have TV or PC nor something to do, but since i got all of them now i dont listen to the Radio so often, just when my Dad plays it in the car thats it. Oh and i listend to musics only :) other than that it makes me sleep....