How may cell phones have you used in your life?

@skalijnp (147)
January 20, 2010 12:05am CST
Hi myloters, there is discussion regarding mobile phones. I saw the people who changes their cell phones as dresses. I have also changed three times from the time of achieving it. But is is not my habit. I was bound to change those due to bad services. But one of my friend has the habit to change cell phones. It is so expensive, according to me it is the waste of money nothing more than this. What is your opinion?
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@junil_jk (497)
• India
24 Jan 10
i had the habit of changing cell phones as i'm crazy about cell phones. but i've been using my current one for more than a year and a half now. motorola L6 was the first one that i bought myself, although i used nokia 2650 before that which my father bought. L6 was followed by noia 3250, sony ericsson w610i, nokia n81 and nokia n82(which i'm currently using). in the meantime i also bought motorola w388 as my back up phone(i gave it to mom and she's still using it!). i also helped my girlfriend buy her sony ericsson c510i cybershot phone. this all happened within the last 6 years.
@Takashy (496)
• Latvia
23 Jan 10
Right now I'm on my third cellphone. The first one was a Siemens one and as much as I liked it. It was rather bad. The worst time was the winder when the phone would become so slow that it would take the thing 1 or 2 seconds to register a button press during the winter.. Than I picked up a Nokia phone a few years later. Can't remember the exact model but it was pretty good and worked just fine. Until the one day when I wasn't able to call anyone anymore.. which was simply odd. It just stop working from one day to the other.. :/ Anyway, that was the reason why I picked up my third phone which I'm using right now. It works just fine and I haven't really had any problems with it so far. I don't really plan on picking up a new phone anytime soon. Unless the one that I'm using now breaks or starts to malfunction.. :/
• Malaysia
23 Jan 10
This is my 4th phone. First was a phone with one of those external antennas. Couldn't find a replacement battery so had to discard it. Second was a nokia 1100. Still have it till today. Third phone was a nokia 3120. Worst phone ever. Keeps malfunctioning no matter how many times I send it for repair. And now the fourth one is a nokia 3110c
@kaylachan (5352)
• Daytona Beach, Florida
21 Jan 10
Over my lifetime I have been with three different providers. The first was cingular, and my sister was paying the bill. So I had no choice there. When I came into some money, and my sister had gotten mad one night cutting off my service, due to a misunderstanding, I switched to sprint. Sprint had good coverage, but not good enough. So I tried my hand at cingular again, now paying my bills on my own. However, before bouncing back and opening an account I wanted to establish creditability. and I was able to accomplish that. However, cingular started to show their true colors and it became more then I could afford. So I went looking for a better plan, and I found T-mobile. I've been with them happily since about 2004 so I'm happy about that. Of course all this bouncing about went through phones like water and I had to change phones more often then I would like. I would have more back-up options if those phones weren't so old. But, I'm stuck for now.
@liamsam (31)
• Philippines
20 Jan 10
let me see. nokia 5110, 3210, 3530, 8210, 3660, 6070, 2600c-2, motorola e770, samsung sgh-m120. 9 phones in a period of 10 or so years.
@maria1081 (1252)
• Philippines
20 Jan 10
It was year 2000 when I first used a cellular phone during my sophomore year in college. So far I had used five different brands of cellphone from nokia, motorola and sony ericsson. My current cellphone is already 3 years now. I use cellphone because its the easiest way to communicate with others. Even if I have enough money to buy a new one, I wont do it since my present cellphone is still perfectly working.
• Philippines
20 Jan 10
i used 4 cellphones. i lost 2 cellphones. i think, my budget is telling me not to change cellphones like buying clothes. i wish i can afford a nicer phone, lol. but i am just happy about it. as long i can send text messages and call. that is alright with me. i have a pda now, but i am planning to sell it. and buy a cheaper one. i think touch screen is not for me.hahahha..
• Indonesia
20 Jan 10
i have already changed my cell for more than 5 times but it is not my habit to changing cell phone when new coming type released by vendor.I just want to improve my cell phone features.