Have you ever experience a strange dentist in your life and what about it?

Hong Kong
January 20, 2010 6:40am CST
It is very important to take care of our teeth because we need that to eat delicious food and sometimes for our appearance as well.I have seen my dentist for along time because it is very expensive to see a dentist in my city.However,I do remember I have met a strange dental clinic many years ago.After the dentist put something (needle I guess)in my month and try to help me to feel nothing when they start to have fun with my teeth.They have to wait for half minut or 1 minute at that time.I look at the dentist and the nurse,I saw something very funny.They were holding their bhead with one hand,and look so sleepy while waiting for the medicne to be active.They are just falling to sleep in front of me but still force their eyes to be open.Buy looking at their face with a mask on and funny looking facial expression and sleepy head movement(up and down,,,then up and down again for many times),I almost laugh.Anyway,aafter I am done,I never go back again.How about yours?Anything funny or strange?Share with us.
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@Wizzywig (7858)
20 Jan 10
Back in my student days,living away from my home town, I went to the local dentist. He asked how often I cleaned my teeth and, when I said "twice", he bared his teeth, stretching his mouth wide with his fingers and declared "I haven't cleaned my teeth since 1945 & I've never needed a filling"... - this was about 1975 -.... "if the good Lord had meant us to clean our teeth, we'd be born with a toothbrush in our mouths." Oh, it was gross... his teeth were just so horrible and smelly I didnt go back.
• Hong Kong
20 Jan 10
I wonder what kind of dentist was that.It was truely a horrible expenience.If you were just a small kid,I think you will never go to see any dentist in the rest of your life.But I think you were a bit older according to waht you said,so it maybe better.If I have encounter a dentist like that,I would definitely get a nightmare right on that night.Well,we need to take care of our teeth and we surely want a trustworthy dentist who really knows how to give proper advice and medical care for our teeth.We need great teeth to enjoy our food.
@dorannmwin (36653)
• United States
22 Jan 10
The only story that I really have to share about a dentist is one that really made me angry. When I was in high school my jaw locked shut because of having TMJ. Well, I went through a gamut of dentists trying to find someone that would be able to treat it. The first oral surgeon that my regular dentist referred me to talked to my mother as if I wasn't even in the room. As soon as we walked out of that office, I told my mother that I would rather be in pain than to go back to him.