once again another chapter of drama in the family

United States
January 20, 2010 8:40am CST
yeah i know i post alot about drama in my family. but once again on friday my daughter in law had all the cousins and some friends to go bowling, and once again my daughter wasnt invited but the guy who sexuall assulted her was, they pretty much well they did pick him over her. and my son once again couldnt stand up to his wife and say no this is wrong and i want my sister to go. over the hoildays my son and his family was here, my daughter was being nice to the witch and she was rude as always but i talked with my nephew who hangs out with my son and them, i told him that my daughter in law is mean and hatful he in return defended her. i asked him so everything she does to my daughter is nice? he was pretty much well i dont know. my nephew live here with us as do my daughter and the tension is thick here, i told him he needs to help us to lighten the tension in the house if he's not going to help then i know he have to go even if he have no place to go and live at. and my son's wife if she cant be respectful to my daughter in my house she wont be allow here at all do you think its right for this what i am going to do?
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20 Jan 10
What you are saying is not unreasonable. You should call a family meeting and force the issues to be aired out. Make your son, daughter, daugher in law and nephew all sit down and talk to each other like reasonable adults. It may be very uncomfortable for some but with you there as a moderator things could be brought to the table and differences solved. Your son and daughter in law may not realize how they are making your daughter feel. And if they do know what they are doing and continue to do so they will know what the consequences of their actions will be. Best of luck to you.
• United States
20 Jan 10
well i did try this when things first got started. we had my son, his wife, and my daughter all sitting here and i asked them all " i need for you guys to stop this crap, i or my wife dont need the stress due i am getting tested for a brain tumor so i need everyone to get along" that last not even 24 hours my daughter in law started crap again. and she claims she does nothing wrong she just dont like my daughter for some reason, well we think my daughter in law is unscure because she always have issues with any females who is close to my son. yeah even an female cousin.. i keep telling everyone my daughter in law have no consequence to face unless all the cousins stops hanging out with her and my son since my daughter isnt never invited then my son will finally get upset at her. but it seem my daughter in law got everyone pw big time, and i think what it is my daughter refuse to allow her to control her or agree with her on things she dont.. i got a phico for a daughter in law. lol
• South Africa
23 Jan 10
I think you are right, because your main household head, so to avoid thinks that are not want to happen, there must be a rule that must obey all the family members, so that there is mutual respect between each other.