Are celebrities on Facebook real?

Are these your friends? - Here are some of the famous celebrities which can be found on Facebook. Some of you might have friendship with them on Facebook.
January 20, 2010 9:35am CST
If you type name of any of the celebrities in the search box of Facebook, you will find several profiles. These profile have no clue what so ever which indicate that they are real. We just send the request and get confirmed in few days. So we become friends of some very big names. But suppose if you came to know that that profile was fake. You will certainly feel cheated. But who knows the profile may be the real one. So it is quite difficult to say that a particular profile of our favorite celebrities is real or it is fake. Whatever be the case one thing is for sure that we feel very proud of having friendship with big names unless their reality is not known to us.
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• Malaysia
23 Jan 10
From what I heard last time, most of the celebrities on facebook have their accounts run by their managers or other stuff. They themselves don't run it. It makes perfect sense though. I don't see them having the time to personally update their pages
@adhyz82 (36255)
• Indonesia
22 Jan 10
hm, i think it depends on how the celebrity see the technology and information news for their life and private things. some of celebrity is enjoying to say hello with his/her fans in social network but some of them is annoyed when unknwon people want to say hello and smile for them
@raisur (423)
• Bangladesh
22 Jan 10
hi sanjeevsingh... i think, some of the fan pages are real... those might be maintained by their own staffs... say, the fan pages of roger federer and rafael nadal look real to me... i'm fan in both the pages... whoever maintain those (i'm not sure), you get a feeling that fed and nadal are writing themselves to their fans... like, 10 hours ago nadal posted "Tonight at 7pm local time i play my third round match | Esta tarde a las 7 de aqui en Merlbourne juego mi partido de tercera ronda."... roger often appears in videos and informs his fans about his preparation/feelings before a forthcoming match/tournament... often he expresses his gratitude towards his fans after winning a trophy... he posted the pic of their twin kids for his fans and informed about the well-being of the kids and the mother months after they were born... as you said, i also think, most of the profiles with names and pics of celebrities are indeed fake... but, i think, it's not hard to understand that within few days...
@stephon8 (300)
• Philippines
21 Jan 10
I think that facebook should follow what twitter did. In twitter all the celebrities are tagged by a verified account logo, meaning the account of a celebrity are confirmed and has been verified by that celebrity. You can still find some fake accounts if you search the name of the celebrity but if you see the verified account logo, that means that account is not fake. I think the people behind twitter communicates with that celebrity personally to check if that account is really theirs. Thats what facebook should do to illiminate these fake accounts.
• Philippines
21 Jan 10
a lot of celebrities use facebook to promote their movie, concert, show and other. If the facebook user knows all future concerts of celebrities its probably to be the real one..
@nemrac12 (388)
• Philippines
21 Jan 10
actually we donot know what is real and what is not.. true that some celebrities had no account and maybe they have but its not them who create it...
@minx267 (15649)
• Hartford, Connecticut
21 Jan 10
There are some celebrities on Facebook.. Some are real. But there are plenty that are not.. I have a few on my friends list that are real. 3 as friends one or 2 as fan pages. Some of the celebrites I see with friend pages) have it set to private and just a few friends.. So I respect that they probably want this to be for only their real close friends. But if they have quite a bit of friends I may request friendship as well. :-)
21 Jan 10
You can usually tell which one is the real one and which ones are fake because of the amount of fans and also the updates that are on the page or profile. Fake profiles don't tend to update with new information about gigs or whatever the news is.
@venshida (4837)
• United States
20 Jan 10
I think they have staff people that take care of their facebook page. They may have a personal facebook page but it's for their inner circle. They are probably using fake names for the personal page.
@warvial (1153)
• Singapore
20 Jan 10
Unless the celebrity declare, else it's hard to know. If it is real, in my opinion, I felt that they are more of an official platform for media publicity and public relations etc. There are tons of fans out there and it's seems so impossible to have a real friendship (although in our fanbook it looks like so). But I really appreciate this platform because I can get their latest news and activities and also find the people from all over the world who likes that celebrity that I admire too.