how many of you text while driving?

United States
January 20, 2010 12:49pm CST
have you ever text while you drove and caused an accident or came close to being in an accident? is it illegal in your state to text? if so, do obey that law?
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@Trojin (188)
• United States
20 Jan 10
Oh, my god. I hate seeing people texting while they're driving. Even by schools! It was horrible. Two out of every twenty or so people I see are texting and three out of ten are on their phones!
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@jpso138 (7860)
• Philippines
24 Jan 10
Well, I used to do that. But I have realized that it is really dangerous. There was a time that I almost bump a vehicle ahead of me. Because of this, I do not text anymore when I drive. I just pull over if ever I want to read a message most especially when I am expecting a very important message. But in most cases, I just read all the messages when I am not driving anymore, that is when I arrive at my destination.
@boomima (227)
• India
21 Jan 10
I do text while driving , but not in heavy traffic . i also think that it is unsafe to text while driving.
• Philippines
20 Jan 10
hmm I don't because i do not have a car :p
• Canada
20 Jan 10
NO WAY!!!! First off, I don't drive because I'm almost blind, but even if I did drive, there's no way I would even talk on my phone, let alone text. No way. My husband would never even answer the phone while driving either (when he could drive) and texting was a foreign concept when he had the vision to drive. If it was around then, he wouldn't have dne it either.