How much icecream can you eat?

United States
January 20, 2010 2:53pm CST
I was an icecream maniac when I was pregnant with my second daughter. I could eat it morning, noon and night if it was available. During a hot summer night, I took my 2 year old to BasketRobbins and ate a total of 8 scoops in one sitting. It's was funny, I didn't really get full, just thirsty.
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• United States
23 Jan 10
I can eat quite a bit of ice cream. If it's really good, 4 or five scoops. No problem.
• China
21 Jan 10
Hi,trisha,I love icecream soooooo much,I can remeber when I was 14 years old,I kept on eating icecream one day.It made my grandma very anxious ,she was so afriad I would get sick after eating soooo much icecream,but I was turned out to be fine.Haha:}
@stealthy (8188)
• United States
20 Jan 10
If I have it in the house it is gone quite fast. I have been known to eat 2 to 3 half gallons in 2 days or less. If a container says it has 16 servings, I will usually only get 4 out of it.
@lilybug (21145)
• United States
20 Jan 10
I hardly ever eat ice cream. It does not get along with me to well. I am fine with cheese and yogurt, but for some reason ice cream makes my stomach cramp like crazy.
@donsky14 (5960)
• Philippines
20 Jan 10
I'm sort of banned from eating ice cream right now cause I'm pregnant. They say that its gonna make the baby big and its gonna give me a hard time giving birth. Was that true for you trisha2121s?