So, you recently started your own Home Based MLM.

@CJscott (4195)
Portage La Prairie, Manitoba
January 21, 2010 1:14am CST
Perhaps you have heard of it, perhaps not. Today, I want to share, a really quick easy way of presenting your MLM or network marketing business to potential distributors you encounter. We call it the One minute Presentation, this of course, is the shortened short version, for the short version, PM me, I would be happy to share, for the long version, well, I would be happy to tell you where you can purchase it. So you are talking to your prospect, I prefer to call them "Clients" it sounds nicer in my ears, and you want to present your business opportunity in a rejection free, relaxed way, in such manner that the client is leaning forward anxious to hear what you have to say, looking for reasons to join. What can we say, well, when I get to this point of the conversation, I simply say. "I can give you a complete presentation, but it would take an entire minute." "When can you set aside an entire minute?" Word for word, simple as that. Almost 100% of the time, your prospect will say, how about now, mostly because they think it would take more then a minute to get rid of you, and they are a little bit curious. So, you have your presentation. Now, how are you gonna make it take just one measly tiny minute, minute? We have two options, either learn to talk really really really fast, or leave some things out. For this example, lets leave some things out. In the end, I we really just have to answer three main question that the client needs to know. "1)What kind of business are you in, 2)how much money can I make, 3)what exactly do I have to do to earn this money" Well, we will use my Mentoring and Coaching with Mentoring For Free for my examples. I am in the Mentoring and Coaching business "which means" I teach people how to build strong downline organizations and great success in Network Marketing. The use of which means to explain what you do, is very important, because if I were to just say, I am in the Mentoring and Coaching business. Who do I mentor? What do I coach? Who is my audience? Now, for how much money. Well this will vary from person to person, as well as from situation to situation. Perhaps you ran an ad, that offered $500 per month extra, you would use that. Or perhaps you are talking to the CEO of a Fortune 500, and $500 is pocket change. But, they wouldn't mind $10 000 dollars a week. So, once that question is answered for each prospect, we move on. And in case you were wondering, I don't make any money in Mentoring For Free, wouldn't be Free then, now would it;) What do I have to do, I simply have to tell people that are interested about Success in 10 Steps by my good friend, personal mentor, and 30 year MLM veteran Michael Dlouhy. Simple as that. So it goes like this, "We are in the coaching and Mentoring business, You could earn the joy that comes from helping others, and all you have to do is give them a free copy of Success in 10 Steps, the e-book." Then we leave it up to them to decide where to go from their, but in order to that we have to let them know the choice is theirs, and I will share one of the three that I learned, and that is. "and the rest is up to you" So, what do you think? Do you think this would be a good way to present your business in a very short amount of time? Did you find this information valuable? Do you feel like sharing it with others? Do you want a free copy of Success in 10 Steps? Then, either they will ask to join, they will say they aren't interested or they may have some questions. But you can always schedule the questions for another time, if you start talking for more then a minute. I liked this example I heard. From a different industry. I am in the gangster business, you can make and extra 100k a year, and all you have to do is shoot people, well what do you think?
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