why do you love your parents?

@rosey19 (951)
January 21, 2010 1:24am CST
when was the last time you told your parents that you love them? some children are expressive about this but some are not. parents, are never happier when their children tell them they love them. they are thrilled when their children talk about their activities or share their secrets. what pains them is when children take them for granted. how about you when is the last time that you say i love you and share to your parents about your secrets and feelings?
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@burgas4e (62)
21 Jan 10
why not to? i thnk everyone has all the reasons to love their parents (or not to love them in more rare cases, hopefully). we all take them for granted, but hat's why they are our parents to foget and forgive. i personally am very close to mine, and share quite a lot, which is not always a very good thing :) and i try to make them fell special and that i don't take them for granted. not as often as i would like to, but...i just hope they know it!
@Zhizho (1351)
• Indonesia
21 Jan 10
Hi..I don't think that there is children who does not love their parent.Maybe no every children could express it by words.We know how painful when Mom born the baby.Maybe I am type person who could not express love by words but I often told them how I need them in my life.I always share my secret or my feeling with my mom even I was married.