What do you think about the earthquake in Haiti?

@Kalef0 (10)
January 21, 2010 2:08pm CST
I'm sorry for those people who lost their loved ones. If i could i would drive to Haiti and help them myself.
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• United States
22 Jan 10
I feel really bad for them and honestly my heart really does do go out for them but i have also heard a lot of controversey about the whole thing some poeple say they deserve what happened because of the dark nature of their practices over there also by those who feel that how can the government have so much money or be so eager to help them when we have our own hungry homeless people here in the united states that not that many people have done a lot for. i wish it was possible to make everyone happy i guess that even though there are still some families misplaced from hurricane katrina they feel it is nobler and better for the self image of the u.s. to help haiti our neighbor in the carribean i am not takin sides i'm just saying there is controversey from both fronts those who want to help and see it as our duty as human beings and those who feel we should concentrate on our problems at home first before we try and help others.
@diamania (7028)
• Netherlands
21 Jan 10
I'm feeling sad for them. Here in the Netherlands there is a huge money collection mania going on the television, the 3 biggest channels are cooperating, which would normally be unthinkable. Almost all famous Dutchies are promoting it, they're working in a call center taking people's donations or they sing songs on the television, one comedian here almost cried, you saw the tears in his eyes, very spectacular to see that and they've been making radio since this early morning and they've already raised like 8 million euros. On bank account used when there are disasters they've also raised like 12 million euros. And everything will be doubled by the Dutch government. I do believe that the Haitians walking around Port Au Prince with Katanas should stop, it's ridiculous, sure there's emotion but there is no need to make things worse or to complain about the lack of help they're getting, there's only one airport and it takes time to organize things, so please remain calm everyone...