How to deal with irrate customers in a service industry

January 21, 2010 2:47pm CST
I have always wondered which would be the most appropriate way of handling angry customers. does the rule, the customer is always right apply in such circumstances and genuinely the customer is wrong. i don't know.
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@maezee (39109)
• United States
21 Jan 10
I don't work in the service industry but I do work in the "cashiering"/customer service field (at a dry cleaners) and sometimes the best I can do is just give them my supervisor's phone number and let THEM deal with it, if it's a tricky situation where I know that I'm right and they are mistaken. For example, earlier this month someone tried to come in and say that they dropped of a certain dress - and I knew for a fact that she didn't bring it in to have it cleaned. So it was essentially my word against hers (and she was demanding that we either find it or pay her for it). I send that one up to my supervisor and let her deal with it. . I don't work at a call center or anything, and don't have all that much experience, but I try to resolve whatever issue they're having in a reasonable manner, but hold my ground on occasions where it's needed. I don't think it's right to let an upset customer walk all over you, although that's how many people choose to handle it. *shrugs*. There's no "right" or "wrong" answer, I suppose, to this question - as everyone has their own methods, I'm sure.
• India
21 Jan 10
You just give your best to them,if they are cross the limit are they are angers ,you ask the question smartly ,definitely they will close all,so,this my view about this topic,have a nice day my lotter.