@benny128 (3621)
January 21, 2010 3:40pm CST
hey all just a query am thinking of possibly moving over to oz now few questions what sort of skills are needed for employment ? best places to look at city wise for a single dad with a young family also not too hot been told adeleide (excuse the spelling lol) is quite nice was looking at darwin but told to stay clear as the humidity is ridiculous. Also entry visa'a etc etc is it the australian embassy I need to speak to and rough sort of time scales on getting a decision basically any help or information would be appreciated thanks all
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@Janey1966 (24143)
• Carlisle, England
21 Jan 10
I'm no Australian but we do know of someone who emigrated there. He came back with his family as he was homesick but soon went back because it just wasn't the same, so at least that's encouraging. He also has a job, which is a binder in a printers, the same job he had here in England. From what I can gather the Aussies love people with a trade so I'm not sure what kind of work you are looking for. Anyway, this chap is based in Perth and loves the lifestyle and the beach. It does get hot but windy too which may suit you, perhaps? I know that Perth has a lot of administration staff as a mining boom has increased the wealth in the city, so it's not skint! If you read the entry in Wikipedia about Perth, I'm sure you will want to go because I do after reading it! Good luck!