did you marry for love or for wealth?

January 21, 2010 7:02pm CST
love or wealth? what are the reasons why you get married?
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• Indonesia
25 Jan 10
Frankly, I would like to put love at the very first place. But it doesn't mean I ignore wealth. It'd be perfect if you have both of them, which is too good to be true. If you think wisely, it's not need to be exactly rich, enough that everything required in the family is available, such as descent house, vehicle, saving for kid's education, retired fund etc. And the important thing is I married a person which is smart and good at managing our life including assets. That's the number one factor toward the wealthiness. Do you think so ?
@etioewe (142)
• Mexico
22 Jan 10
well i think its good to marry becuase of love becuase most times you get tired of some poeple you get married to even if they are rich, the problems is you enjoy a marriage becuase of love not becuase of wealth, imagine if you marry a wealthy woman abuser, and all you get is a mansion with blows on your face and a ristircted life, and so many other thigns involved in it . the truth is everybody as long as you are hard working and focus you willo get the wealth one day. so many rich and wealthy families you see today were never rich when they got married they got married for love,but today you see them living luxry with all they want and still happy becuase there is love within. as far as i know its better to marry for love dont worry the money will come. if you marry for wealth, you will not enjoy the wealthy and also miss love becuase the wealthy person already has the wealth before you came in and might some times treat you like an outsider because you were never there at the begining of the struggle. so you will not smell love nor the right thing.
• India
22 Jan 10
Hi, I got married for LOVE.
@tarapot (144)
• Philippines
22 Jan 10
We got married because we love each other. Though I was already pregnant then, our main reason for getting married was love. And we are still together because of love.