Why is this comment "sexist"?

United States
January 22, 2010 2:20pm CST
I was sitting around with a roup of people last night when the topic of fighting with a wimp came up (I can't remember why it came up, ok?). My comment was that fighting with a wimp is like fighting with a woman. No matter what, the guy loses. If a man gets into a fight with a woman and wins, he just beat up a woman, and if he loses, he just got beat up by a woman. It's the same with wimps. It's a no-win situation. How is this a sexist comment?
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@Outcast (632)
• United States
22 Jan 10
Woman have been trying to become equals to men for some time now. We are gaining ground but there are still some thing that haven't changed. Some women out there can beat- up a man with no problem. The comment is degrading because you do not know what a woman is capable of doing.