The loss of my sister

United States
January 22, 2010 11:55pm CST
Well almost a year ago my sister who was only 23 passed away.. She left behind 2 kids a now 4 year old and now 2 year old 3 in april and a husband who no one had seen since just after my son was born in June of 07. He thought we were lieing to him when we told him what had happend. So him and his brother came down for her visition and stuff we had here. She wanted to be burried near our father(in Illinois) even though they didnt get along to much until the end. So from North Carolina to Illinois to burrie her ashes. He didnt say anything about taking the kids until the day he was leaving so 2 kids he hadn't seen since right after his daughter was born he was going to take care of (yeah right.) But he took the kids with him when he left we wanted to keep them but the lawers and Judges said we had no rights since they were still married and she had never been legaly sperated from him. So we burried my sister and had all the burriel stuff and went home to north carolina. Well this was Febuary 12th of 09. He called my mom in April to see if she would take the kids so she got them and had them until my sons b-day in June. Then he took the yonger one Kenzie with him and asked my mom if she would take the older one Camden. She did but come to find out he didnt even have the younger one she was in Missori with his Aunt who thinks no one in that family should have kids. But then he wanted to take camden back as well and we didnt know he was just going to send him with kenzie to live with his aunt. So his Aunt says she needs a break in September 09 so my mom gets a call! She gets the kids again and has had them since. Now come to find out he has been getting food stamps for the kids and has been since Febuary he has never told anyone the kids arnt with him but friends and family. Now he is saying that he wants to get the kids back for how long this time I wonder he just started getting SSI for the kids.. I hate him!
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@ladysakurax (1163)
• Canada
23 Jan 10
the father is so irresponsable. Those children need to settle down just like anyone and the father should also make a decision and stick to it. Children aren't objects and if he doesn't want to take care of them, he should say it as soon as possible. This is soo immoral. I hope the children will find peace in mind soon and love.
@jillhill (37377)
• United States
23 Jan 10
I would definately write all this down...make a journal so that you have some way to show a judge what's going on.....sounds like he wants the kids for the money part of it! They deserve much track of everything....then present it go authorities and see what happens!
@allknowing (86818)
• India
23 Jan 10
It is distressing to see those childlren being tossed around like discarded luggage. They deserve a better deal and it is time you reported this entire episode that you have reported here to the right authorities who are empowered to take necessary action against the father. He has no love for these children but is after those food stamps apparently.