@atebuds (187)
January 23, 2010 3:03am CST
How would you react to people who are in the habit of pretending? Sometimes you think this person is a friend, only to find out that she is pretending. How will you deal with her?
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• Philippines
24 Jan 10
Hi atebuds! I do not like people who pretend to be someone they are not. I prefer being with people who are comfortable and proud of who they really are. If I find out that one of my friends is pretending, I would talk to him/her and tell him/her about my thoughts on people who are pretentious. Might be difficult but it's worth it.
@kalav56 (11496)
• India
23 Jan 10
It is a very disappointing thing.Normally I start with the assumption that everyone is genuine.It would be terrible to find out otherwise.With subsequent experiences we learn. We will naturally learn to view people with a more dispassionate eye if thta happens and mentally distance ourselves.I would be as genuine as she is to me.
@mrfdg1972 (3238)
• Philippines
23 Jan 10
I take a few steps FURTHER, I have a kind of thing for pretentious people, i have a met a lot of them, Why waste my time on them, i have a lot of good friends that needs me. Gud Pm