somebody poisoned the dog you treated as your friend- would you seek revenge?

@Cheiyen (317)
January 24, 2010 10:43am CST
this dog isn't your pet but a stray dog. you gave it a name and he loves you, following you almost everywhere. when you were away, you had a negative intuition and upon coming back, you just found out that he was gone and worse, had been poisoned. would you seek revenge? what would you do if you found out the culprit of the poor dog's death? please let me hear your views. thank you.
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@saphrina (31738)
• South Africa
24 Jan 10
I will definately seek that evil person and maybe i will do to him what he did to that poor dog. Who gave him the right to take that animals life? That is what we call animal cruelty and i hope that he will get his day. He killed one of God,s creatures, so he will have a hard time explaining this one.
@dikonoha (122)
• Indonesia
24 Jan 10
I will not take revenge, but seek who is poisoned the dog and after I find the person I look at the eyes off the person and say how nice you are who poisoned some one else property. and make a hough smile at then go.