www.expertinn.com is a scam and fraud site

January 24, 2010 12:31pm CST
www.expertinn.com claims social networking site that pays but they never pays their member. It is proved by me.they shows refferal income,blog posting income,forum posting income,etc, but the cheater admin banned or suspend his/her account who is eligible for minimum payout.they shows min pay out $50 which is huge one to earn any one. it take min two months.So i think no body will wast their time in expertinn.com
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• India
23 May 10
THis is not fare to shout about any site when you yourself spam it and expect payments from the site. You are perhaps the only person who calls the site a scam. I am member of the site and get payments without any problem. Now your profile at expertinn is blacklisted and your blogs are there which are copied from other sites when no site allows you to copy content from other sites and honiawa too has copied from wikipedia... see there in golden posts.
• India
19 Dec 11
the scam site expertinn.com already has proved it as they are cheater
@sirnose (2439)
• United States
24 Jan 10
umain30 I couldn't find to many complaints about expert inn. This doesn't mean they are not a scam site. They may just use unsavory business practices to get their members to work hard on the site. I read one post on a site where the poster said that they have been paid twice by expert inn, and on another post on another site where the poster said they was not paid by expert inn. Some sites use tactics like theses to pay some meembers and not others members. That why you should always research a site before joining the site to find out if they are reliable and legit.
• India
24 Jan 10
Ohhh, that is so harsh on you. You might try to contact their support section. I hope you do get paid. I seriously feeling sorry for you. After spending 2 months working on their site and then only to get rejected for payment just too bad. I wish you get paid soon or get a good site to get paid. If you are willing to earn 2000 Rs(55$)monthly without doing much work, then contact me, I will tell you about it.
@Honiawa (167)
• Romania
25 Jan 10
I've wasted some time there too. They were trying to bribe me to lie to people and say I got paid. BIG BIG scam, stay way from them
@inlaviola (241)
• Indonesia
24 Jan 10
i new member in expertinn and don't know if this site scam. and know u give info about this site if this site is scam. thanks for share