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United States
January 24, 2010 5:16pm CST
Okay so my friend Wendy and her boyfriend David are doing so well together. One of her friends was getting hell from her parents, they kept asking her if she had a boyfriend yet and what not so she turns around and asks David to be in a fake relationship with her. Now let me remind you that David is already together with Wendy, and then this girl who is supposed to be her friend pulls this stunt. So David was basically forced into it and they agreed this wouldn't be all that bad. There wasn't supposed to be any kissing between them what so ever. So what happens, her parents want to see a kiss between them, so when David only gives her a peck on the lips she tells him to go ahead and put some tongue into it. When he told Wendy this, she became really upset. Doesn't she have the right to? I think that this shouldn't have happened like this because now we think that her friend has a thing for her boyfriend. That's just not right at all. What can I tell her she should do? She's confused and I'm trying my best but there's only a few things I can tell her she should do. Help her out.
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@vince06 (98)
• Philippines
26 Jan 10
thats definitelt right david should do the ways on how to get out on that situation if he love wendy so much he will make an effort to solve that problem..and tell the girl to find another guy since she has already wendy and they are doing well together..for wendy she should talk to david and tell waht she feel about the situation to make david sorry about ewhat he did..i hope this situation will not ruin there relationship.
@Wizzywig (7858)
24 Jan 10
I'd agree with vonmac to leave them to get on and sort it out themselves! I can appreciate that you want to support Wendy but she needs to make up her own mind. It all seems a bit bizarre to me. First,why is it such a big deal to the parents; second, how on earth was David "forced" into going along with the pretence; the parents insist on seeing them kiss??? what??? Naah - doesnt add up to me.