What Is The Meanest Thing Anyone Has Ever Done To You?

@Janey1966 (24126)
Carlisle, England
January 24, 2010 6:11pm CST
I can think of two. The first was during my childhood. I was about 11 years old. I had two friends, one of whom lived round the corner from me and I got on with her better than my other friend, who lived over the road. The first friend I went to school with. Anyway, one time I was playing outside my house with my friend from around the corner. We were playing with hoola hoops, remember those? After a while she said that she wanted to go home for her cardigan as she was feeling a bit cold. "OK," I said, then I sat on the wall outside my house to wait for her to come back. A few minutes later she did appear, armed with a bucket and spade which I thought was a bit odd to say the least! She then proceeded to ignore me totally and go to the house opposite where my other friend resided. A few minutes later I couldn't believe my eyes. My friend came out of the house with my other friend and her sister and their parents armed with even more buckets and spades. They all got into a car and I can always remember my two "friends" waving at me from the back window as the car sped off, leaving me sitting there on the wall, wondering what I had done to deserve this treatment. I can't remember if I talked to Mum about it but the incident itself questioned my ability to make and keep my friends, which is why I don't trust women even now. The second incident involves a (now) ex-boyfriend of mine. We lived with each other for nearly two years and I cannot understand how it lasted that long. He was a control freak. Anyway, I once gave Steve (the guy in question) an envelope containing a cheque/payment slip for £10 for World Books. He was a postman so he told me that it would be dealt with at the depot, saving me a trip to the nearest postbox. I trusted him completely. Anyway, a few weeks down the line I received a statement telling me that this £10 hadn't been paid. "Strange!" I thought and proceeded to write them a letter telling them that I had definitely sent the cheque and what date. This went on for quite some time, culminating in them wanting "interest" on this tenner they'd never received! I always assumed that the cheque had got lost in the post and just refused to believe any other explanation! Eventually, Steve told me the truth. He told me to look in the bureau drawer which I did. In this drawer was the damn cheque for World Books! He told me that he'd put it there "because I knew you were skint and I realised you needed the money!" So I then had to swallow my pride and send another cheque to World Books and apologise for the inconvenience! I cancelled my membership instead of confronting Steve. What I should have done was leave him but that was just the start of his "mind games" so I stayed. I learned my lesson the hard way! Fortunately, my husband is nothing like this man and I am so lucky to have found himSo, my friends, what's the worsed thing anyone has ever done to you? It could be someone in your family, a friend...anybody. We are all here to support one another so please don't be shy.
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