advance happy hearts day!

January 24, 2010 6:37pm CST
20 more days and it's heart's day, valentine's day. what surprise/s do you have for your partner? do you prepare special things for your special someone for a special day this this or is it just me being skeptical and making a big deal out of it? i remember a friend who made a very big surprise for her girl 2 years back. he planned a grand dinner for two at the top of his apartment and hired a violinist to play the girls favorite song. 6 months before that, he enrolled in a culinary school because he wanted to prepare the food for himself. everything was well planned and prepared because it will be a night he's gonna propose to her girl. on the d-day... jang jang jang jang... he went to the girls house early in the afternoon because they had plans to go the movies. just before they are about to go the guys apartment for dinner, my friend was bumped by a car, and his feet were greatly severed. although the girl has been there by his side throughout the entire operation and knew about the guys surprise for her, she declined the proposal.. :(
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@Lochrin (74)
• Australia
25 Jan 10
When I met my wife 15 years ago it was 5 days after valentines day, so we don't go with the whole card/flowers/stuff on v-day, We simply have a day off and go somewhere we haven't been before/for ages and just have a day together. V-day is extremely commercial, and only florists and card makers get much out of it anymore.
• Philippines
25 Jan 10
yeah right, v-day had become commercialized these days, to an extent that others no longer seek its real essence. florists, card makers, etc etc, makes sure their profits would boost on these events, whew, now that i think of it, v-day is profit day. :D