When will you start planning your garden?

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January 24, 2010 7:08pm CST
Here I can start planning in March and start getting some plants going inside. We really can't start planting outside until later in April. I am trying to decide now what we are going to grow this year because I want to get my garden tilled, and fertilized before I start planting to have the best luck this year. Last year I just couldn't put enough time into it and it didn't do well at all.
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@peavey (16960)
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25 Jan 10
I'm about where you are in planning. I am thinking of what I want to grow (or better, trying to trim down my list of wants!), but it will be awhile before I can actually do anything. Around the middle of April, we can start early things like lettuce and peas, but even then it's sometimes too cold for them to get a good start.
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7 Feb 10
I know what you mean about the list of wants. I have to do that too because of the space I have for my garden. I have to keep it closed in because of the rabbits and deer. They seem to eat more some years than we do.
@peavey (16960)
• United States
12 Feb 10
I thought you'd get a lot of responses on this. There seems to be several gardeners... but maybe they're still just fighting snow. :)