Condescending things that customers do..

@maezee (39493)
United States
January 24, 2010 10:56pm CST
I'd like to hear YOUR stories! Especially those of us who work directly with the customers, and in entry-level positions. The job in question that I'm talking about is my job at the drycleaners, which is essentially a counter cashier chick. We have to ask last names, and I've had some ridiculously CONDESCENDING customers SPELL their last names, like "Johnson" or "Smith". I usually will just roll my eyes to myself or smile or chuckle and say, "Thanks", a bit sarcastically, hoping they get the jist. Why do customers think they're so much BETTER and SMARTER than people who work entry-level positions? Why do people automatically think that just because we work in a job that doesn't require any talent, that we're totally brain-less? I find it a little funny, because our job and position in our job in no way represents how intelligent we are. Or does it? Anyway, the purpose of this was not to rant but to ask for similar experiences, and why you think these unwritten rules in society exist in the first place?
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@jesssp (2739)
• Canada
25 Jan 10
One thing that really isn't that big a deal but I still find annoying is when customers INSIST on using their own pen. I know a lot of people carry their own pen with them but is it really necessary to brush the 'store' pen away, practically in disgust, and whip out your own? It's just silly, all they're doing is scribbling on a Visa slip, not writing a novel - the Bic really would work just fine. It also bugs me when a customer is unhappy about something and takes it out on me. I'm just the person taking the money, and pretty much the last person who could do anything to rectify the situation, so either tell someone who actually needs to know or zip it. I really hate it when someone has a problem but won't do anything about it but b*tch and take it out on people who have nothing to do with it.
@lasjohan (78)
• Indonesia
25 Jan 10
Hi there.. My job also is very easy, just enter the required data, but in this easy job for us on demand our precision so that no errors of spelling or writing in reverse order. So every job there is difficulty level of each. Do not underestimate the work we do.