did you ever had a bad dreams?

@jho2010 (155)
January 25, 2010 1:35am CST
good afternoon mylotters... i have just awakened from a bad dreams, i dream of our neighbor when i was a child.The scene is im a room, the light is not clear, its a little dim, i saw a dark brown coffin,but i dont want to see the dead body lying inside.Until i approach slowly to see just her face, woh! it's really scary. her whole face is black, looks like burned like charcoal.im really scared when i saw her face, until i heard my dog barking at the door, he awaken me.i feel so thirsty upon waking up. Actually the person i've dreamt of is still alive,married and she's a girl about 40 plus.Im scared dreaming of a coffin, a dead person, or sometimes i dream of myself running away from someone who wants kill me.Do you believe that every dream has a meaning or a message as other people saying? Can anyone interpret my dreams? How about you, did you ever had a bad dreams? Did it scared you?
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• India
25 Jan 10
Ya I had bad dreams many time, and was scared too but I like to forget them as soon as possible, because if once we are trapped by bad memories it is so hard to escape from them.
@jho2010 (155)
• Philippines
25 Jan 10
hi..you are right, if you cant forget, it will haunt you repeatedly, i have also experienced that before.Hope we always had a nice dream...
• China
25 Jan 10
i have dreams every night???no matter it is bad or good.. but i believe it have some meaning for each dream about your dream,i think something good will happens on her~