Why are some people always negative

January 25, 2010 2:17am CST
I am wondering why some peoples are always negative, i have friend who always think negative..., you say something he will reply in negative. I don't understand why he is so much negative.
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@atleya (947)
• Indonesia
25 Jan 10
Hi, I feel so sorry about your friend. His life is fulfilled with negative thinking, that I am sure it will not make him happy. He can never enjoy his life, because he will always worry and afraid towards all the things. It is from our mind ourselves, I think. We must control my mind as well as possible, to be positive. Always consider not all in this world are bad. Still there are many good things in this world. Like, here in mylot, although we never meet physically, but we can feel that we are talking with a good persons. Have a good day. Best wishes,
@dpk262006 (56705)
• Delhi, India
8 Feb 10
Hi Smartbrain Some people are always negative because they are brought up in such a fashion by their family members. Their family members do not teach them that how using negative words can badly affect the others. They are not taught the meaning of positive words and its impact. Negative thoughts come to them through their surroundings; I mean it come through the company they keep. They keep interacting with those people, who have devious mind and use nasty words. They get sadistic pleasure by using these kind of words.
• Canada
25 Jan 10
A lot of people don't have the self confidence to be positive about anything, so they feel a "high" by bringing someone else down. They don't know how to bring themselves up to everyone else's level in society, so they feel that they must bring as many people down to their level as they possible can.