Working from home, better or worse than going out to work ?

@missbdoll (1167)
January 25, 2010 4:14am CST
I work from home selling on online auction sites full time . I work very long hours, 7 days a week, I have to make enough to pay everything and keep going. People can see the good side of working at home, like no travel time, or fares, no having to get dressed for work. But what about the "down side " . The isolation, you are alone most of your time. in a lot of cases there is no start and finish time. Everything just blends in. Opinions ? What is better ?
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• Philippines
26 Jan 10
If you are single it is better to work outside home as one could meet different interesting people and exchange a lot of learning and explore various interest. While if you are a full time mom, I think it is better to work inside home so their would be a time you could attend to the need of your husband and children at the same time. then, if you both find working at home as boring which is very true, then working outside is a good option then if you have children then just hire a nanny to care for them while you are busy working outside at home.
@kayrod2 (1304)
• Australia
26 Jan 10
That is a tough one when I think about it. I go out to work, and i find it very draining with the travel and other stuff. I have always wanted to work from home but wouldnt know where to start. And then i wonder if it would make the hours even longer. The isolation might get to me a bit, but i have a hubby and 4 kids at home. Also you need to have a balance between work and free time. Best wishes to you, missbdoll
@joyadalia (1408)
• Philippines
26 Jan 10
That depends, really. I also work from home though I held day jobs before. In my case, I have more time to go out with my cousins, hubby, or friends because I can choose to accept a job (I am a freelance writer) or not. I can also wake up anytime I like, do anything I like, etc. The downside in my situation is that if I want to be lazy, I don't have an income - unlike in a regular job. If I were to compare my previous jobs with my being freelance, I may be getting less pay with the freelance but I have all the time in the world (well, most of the time). So, I prefer being a freelancer.
@miravu (100)
• United States
26 Jan 10
At one point I went from the main office of a company to working remotely and at first I loved it. Eventually I found myself missing the office, the noise, the people, the access to free coffee all day long. I'd love to work from home for myself but I think that if I were to go off on my own again, I'd work from a cafe rather than a home office just to be around the noise. Seeing nothing but your computer screen and television all day can drive you absolutely insane especially if you have no one else to share your day with.
• Philippines
25 Jan 10
I think work from home or in an office outside of the home is a matter of preference and lifestyle. Both these options have their advantages and disadvantages. Most moms would want to work from home so that they can more easily look after the home, husband and children. Some women prefer to work outside the home because they are more competitive and desire to build a career for themselves. Bottom line--do what you do best whether at home or outside the home. Good day!