Do you take a bath everyday?

January 25, 2010 6:08am CST
In my home, almost all of my family taking a bath everyday... Our place is cold in the morning and in the afternoon, it is hot!... that's why they take a bath in the afternoon always.. sometimes in the morning if they have a morning class or work... But me, I'm not always take a bath... I just take a bath If I feel hot... When I'm taking a bath that day, maybe in the next 2 days I will go taking a bath, but sometimes I can take a bath after 1 day if I feel so hot... Is it okay to you taking a bath everyday or in the next 2 days go taking a bath.? Can you share and have some opinions here if it is good not to take a bath everyday.?
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• China
25 Jan 10
Hi, siplever, for me, it depends on the seasons. There are four seasons here, and the distinction among four seasons are so clear. So...we take a bath everyday in summer (sometimes the highest temperature in a day reaches 38 centi degrees.) But in winter, most of us don't do it everyday. Like a few days ago, the highest temperature in a day is only 1 centi degree. Or lower. It's unnecessary. And it's easy to catch a cold to take a bath in such cold days. Generally speaking, it depends on the real situation of weather.