the most safeand fast browser

January 25, 2010 7:34pm CST
nowadays many browser to surfing in internet.they compete to be the best browser.they claim that they browser tho most fast and save than other.but in your experience,who was the fast and the save browser to surfing in internet??
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• India
26 Jan 10
Well i think that both mozila and chrome are fast and safe browsers having great functionality
@nikky28 (1572)
• India
29 Jan 10
I agree with Technopeak, Mozilla and chrome works for me as well.
@___SKY___ (541)
• Hong Kong
28 Jan 10
i really like firefox even this browser consume much memory..
• India
27 Jan 10
In my opinion internet explorer is a bit faster then other browsers.
• India
26 Jan 10
I think Mozilla Firefox is the fastest and safest browser.I didn't liked Chrome web browser at all. I think it needs some more work to be done.
26 Jan 10
I think Safari, Chrome and Mozilla Firefox is the best browser and safest browsers, Internet Explorer is trying to put their had up with HTML 5. Microsoft is been very lazy about internet explorer. So for me the winner is Chrome and every one should try chrome os when it comes out every one is going to get shocked. Thanks..