Troubleshooting windows 7 wi-fi connection

January 25, 2010 11:28pm CST
hello! anyone here who knows how to troubleshoot my laptop's wifi connection? I'm using Windows 7 OS on a Toshiba t130. it can detect wifi but I can't connect to any of it even if it doesn't have password. Please help me with this. I am hoping there are computer wiz here.. :) :) Thanks!
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@trruk1 (1031)
• United States
27 Jan 10
The earlier post that the most likely problem is with your firewall is correct. If it detects a Wi-Fi access point, that means your wireless card is probably fine. I don't know where you find a Wi-Fi network that does not require a password. If you do not know the password, try "admin" (without the quotes). That is the default password for many routers. I don't know where you are but nearly everybody sets up their network so a password is required. Leaving a network totally open is foolish. It allows anybody with a wireless-enabled device to access your network. Windows 7 will automatically set up a home group with other devices, but there is a catch. It will only network automatically with other devices running Windows 7. So if you are trying to connect with another computer, you need to create a workgroup and set the same group on the other computer. First you need to get into the network, though, and that probably means adjusting your firewall.