January 25, 2010 11:35pm CST
I love a girl but she does not kno dis but we are friends pls help how can l talk to her abt dis?
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• Canada
26 Jan 10
I feel for you, bud. I think all you can do is sit her down and striaght up tell her. If you guys are pretty goos friends it's kind of a gamble as neither one of you want to lose that but it's still better for your own piece of mind to know for sure that you said what needed to be said and put it all out in the open. I wish you the best of luck, man. PS: try to communicate clearly with her...
27 Jan 10
Am very shy i cant just tel to her face
@rinnalyn (13)
• Philippines
26 Jan 10
Always, always, honesty is the best policy. Tell her about your feelings, there's nothing wrong with it. As long as she's willing to listen then grabbed it. There's no rule prohibits a man to love his friend. Do not afraid of rejection because it is one way of knowing also her feelings towards you.
27 Jan 10
Am a very shy guy and am not bold enough to tel her
@depops (17)
• Germany
26 Jan 10
Deyboy, it's obvious from your post that you might be abit young and therefore have few clues of going about these things. Well, not to worry, we all have been at that stage of life at one point or another. No one was born old. My best advise will be keep the friendship blossoming, if she loves you back, it will all happen naturally. I never asked the love of my life out, it was just an easy growing friendship and we've been together since then for about 5 years. However, it doesn't always go that easy pizzy. Consider putting down your thoughts in poems then ask her to go through it for grammatical errors; does she have a facebook account ? post a love song to her wall.. do both of you share a friend? tell her/him at least indirectly how much you fancy her by always talking about her with this third party friend. Easiest way.. after having a chat perhaps sms, yim chat or so, before she goes offline just put this words.. "luv ya.. sweet dreams" it sounds so casual and dilutes the seriousness in a sincere issue. Reach me back if you can about this buddy and have fun but to a limit..
27 Jan 10
Thanx buddy i wil try and do dat see ya