January 26, 2010 5:10am CST
Do you know there is a project in China called Sunshine Wages Proposed by Premier Wen Jiabao , which aimed to increase teachers' wages in China?But now some teachers are striking to demand more money, because some money is eaten by some Chinese goverment officials ,such as the teachers in Siyang Junior High School in Jiangsu Province in China. They have got higher wages. Strikes get high wages. but most Chinese are too timid to go on strike because they fear the suppression and persecution of their leaders and the government. There are two Chinese Sayings:" the child who is good at crying is given more milk." and " The gun likes to shot at the leading rebellion bird." (????????,?????)?On the other side , millions of college and university graduates are job-hungry and job-hunting. I think we should fund young people to plant trees in deserts instead of giving educational upstarts the oily chances to cheat our kids. What is the condition of euducation and strikes in your country?
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