January 26, 2010 5:43am CST
I really wonder why my rating has changed from 8 to 7. And my earnings suddenly increased for about .01$. I was really surprised after posting another comment awhile ago when I found out that the color of my start has changed from yellow into silver. I haven't posted my own discussions for quite long time because I enjoyed giving comments rather than thinking of my own topic. Do you think it has something to do with the changes of my rating here in mylot? I just want to make things clear so that I won't be confused anymore. Thank you all. Happy mylotting
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@owlwings (44172)
• Cambridge, England
26 Jan 10
Your 'star' ratings are controlled by the ratio of '+' ratings to 'no rating' and '-' ratings. Especially when you have a fairly low user rating (i.e. approximately 'number of posts') the star can vary up and down somewhat. It will settle down the more you post. Always try to make sure that what you post is of good quality and as descriptive as possible. If you respond to a discussion with the best and most complete response you are capable of, people should recognise this by giving you '+'ve ratings. If your responses are off topic or of poor quality, you are likely to be less highly rated. Although the Discussion Rating System is 'factored in to the earnings algorithm' and also affects our 'star' rating, it's unlikely that, in your case, the increase of $0.01 and the drop in your star are in any way connected except by the fact that updates do take place periodically. Earnings can vary both up and down when they are updated. Any earnings allocated to discussions which are deleted are redistributed periodically and you can often find adjustments of a penny or two towards the end of the month.
@bingchen (1126)
• China
26 Jan 10
actually i met this problem,i dont know why my rating change from 10 to 9,i think that i do as the rule of the mylot and active response disccusions,what i do i think that i do very well and make affort to improve my rating.but i find that my rating has changed.i dont know why this thing can happend around me and make me surprised at this.i want to find the answer as what you want and deal with my thought about it.