Best new games

January 26, 2010 9:11am CST
What are, in your opinion, the best new videogames out there? Specifically I am looking for opinions on ps3, computer and iPhone games. My personal favourite Ps3 games right now are Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 and Borderlands. My favourite iPhone game is Robocalypse. I don't have a favourite computer game at the moment since it has been a while since i have played any.
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• Puerto Rico
7 Feb 10
play ratchet and clank,uncharted 1 and 2,god of war 1,2 ps3 edition and also the ones are coming super street fighter 4,god of war 3 andresident evil gold edition
@sirknight (118)
5 Feb 10
hello i am wondering why do you have a ps3 ,i have a ps3 and i iam not very impressed with the machines use as far as a games machine ,it is a good quatity and great blue ray player but that is all. i have an xbox 360 and it is not a better machine than a ps3 but for video games use it is much better than the ps3 it has far more games to choose from than the ps3 as well if the ps3 is so great why do they keep making new ps3 models and reducing the price of it,i bet the ps3 will be 199 pounds by the end of the year . the thing i like about the 360 is that all the games are in 1080p all not ,720p like some of the ps3 games ,remember i said some ps3 games ,i know that some ps3 are in 1080p,i have a ps3 ,another thing i want to point out about the ps3 os the cost of the ps3 games it take a long time for the ps3 games to down in price,but the xbox 360 games go down in 3 to 6 months when i brought an xbox 360 i had a 4 game bundle included brilliant ,so i had 4 games to play from the jump with the xbox 360 ,they may have not been the best games in the world but at least it is something to play,that show respect by microsoft to their buyers. sony on the other are arogant company when you buy a ps3 you get 1 lousy game ,and when the ps3 first came out it did not come with any games ,plain mean!!!!!!! ihave had a ps2 and that did not come any games but a rubbish demo disk plain mean,i have gone to my local shop to inquire about an xbox 360 elite look at the bundle the shop is offering 2 new games for 199 good on you microsoft ,sony have mess them selves up with the ps3 making it so expensive ,i am taking about the 2007 model 500 pounds ridiculas i could buy a brand new lcd tv for that !!!!!!!!!!!!!! lets get on to the a games to buy for the ps3 and xbox360 1.i would buy fallout 3 that is a brilliant game and you can but it for the ps3.2.batman that is a game a would consider,just ask for the latest batman game ark.3.i would buy mass effect 2.
• India
26 Jan 10
i dont know much about ps3 games, but i think god of war 3 is damn good coming to pc, go for gta 4 if you havent. batman-arkham asylum is nice too. and my personal favorites include dmc4, bioshock2, cod wae (world at end) and stalker 2 clear sky