When people you trust lie.

United States
January 26, 2010 11:49am CST
I am in a situation now where someone in authority took a position and lied about what they would or would not do. They came into representing themselves to be honest and trustworthy. They said all the right things and promised to care about people who were hurt by this type of thing happening before. Promised love and compassion for hurting people. Now, this person has brought in others who support only him and his agenda, which has proven out in the last year to be the total opposite of what he promised. People have left over the manipulation and division he is trying to create. He will be nice to someones face and then twist the truth to his own agenda. Unfortunately, we can not do anything at this point to remove this person. Is anyone else in a similar situation, or is it just me?
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• Philippines
27 Jan 10
Lying happens everyday. Even the most honest person "lies" sometimes (now this is an irony). It's a normal thing. But even so, it hurts most especially when the one you least expect does it to you. Right? Just let them do what they do. Ignore them. But! If their lies happen to step on your rights, that's when you stand up and end their happy times.