Which fitness method do you like?

walking backward - walking backward helps people think more clearly.
January 27, 2010 3:34am CST
As is well-known, Jogging and Walking are common fitness methods, however, according to a team of scientists, walking backward is a popular fitness method recently, it helps people improve their waist blood circulation, and prevent stain of lumbar muscles. it is very good to office staff. Which fitness method do you like?
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• Philippines
27 Jan 10
Really? Walking backwards?? I haven't heard about that. Sounds like a good idea though, but if people see me walking backwards, wouldn't they think I'm insane? :) Ok regarding your question, personally I love walking too! :) Sometimes I even give extra time to walking to school even though my school is two hours away from home. When I'm still early, I usually go down blocks away from my school and walk towards school :) I don't know.. I just have been used to it because ever since I have been walking towards school :) I have not tried jogging yet, but I'd love to try sometime :) My second favorite however is dancing / aerobics because it's really a fun thing to do and I enjoy every time I dance to the beat :D Take care and God bless
• China
30 Jan 10
Hi, cecillecarmela, thanks for your response. Yes, it is Walking backwards, that needs flattie, plain ground. I like dancing, too. but dancing position isn't very good. LOL