Rituals to make your Discussion a grand SUCESS

January 27, 2010 4:45am CST
The following rituals can be of sure benefits if it is practiced in a sacrosanct way since the rituals are faith dependent, thus the following steps must be followed: 1. Choose the hot topic. 2. Put an attractive title, 3. Re-scrutinize your entire write-up, and correct \ change, if required, 4. Have a faith that your discussion will attract people....a lots, 5. Close your eyes and visualize - a. Each and every line you have written [if not word by word, then at least the theme of each paragraph] b. yourself posting the discussion, c. people visiting the site and catching eye on your article, and getting attracted, and going through it. 6. Confirm that your article is a grand success. HAVE FAITH....WHAT YOU THINK YOU GET THE SAME. Prof. D. P. Sharma
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27 Jan 10
Oh My Friend... I am New Member Here and Really Trying To Discuss With Everyone Friendly, From Heart... I'm Not English, So My Print is Not Very Correct, But I Think Everybody Understand What's Write. So, in 2 Days My Rating Star Pull Down From 7 To 3 and I Even Don't Know Why. I Have No Idea What I Need To Write, That People Will Rate Your Discussion As Good One...
@mutpal74 (314)
• India
28 Jan 10
Who told u r English is bad? it is only in your mind.Have faith on u r self.U can find hundreds of interesting articles in net but post only those which are not copy right protected.