Do you think a celebrity has an influence on people?

@Java09 (3080)
United States
January 27, 2010 6:43am CST
I do,When they advertise a product or join some kind of cause,people like to do everything as there favorite celebrity.It's like they want to be like them.What do you think?Do celebrities have an influence on people?
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@Ritchelle (3795)
• Philippines
6 Mar 10
i think it depends on how that person became a celebrity. was it because they kept on acting their way on screen and still managed to keep their feet firmly on the ground? was it because they are dedicated in their sports or arts and kept on reaping adulation or awards for it? or how about being a rich kid yet still trying to make it on his own? or was it they became a celebrity because of a dirty life? baring one's skin in public? a celebrity can have one of two effects in par with the kind of celebrities we have: either as an entertainment only or as an example to be revered or even emulated and probably listened to.
@Katie2009 (145)
• China
27 Jan 10
I agree with you and I think that is cunning merchants' knack of selling goods. Celebrities are like models in society whose values and attitudes to some extent direct the public trend. We general people admire stars and eminent figures, therefore,we sometimes copy them such as dressing,cosmatics and even manners for they convey a signal that what they use and wear is absolutely superior than normal ones.So I think your point is definitely correct!
27 Jan 10
I personally believe that some celebrities can have an influence over people in regards to getting them to try new products. The majority of celebrities are wonderful to look at and to watch when they are singing or acting and a lot of people in life may have some celebrity that they would like to be more like or look more like and this means people are convinced to try out new perfumes or cosmetics that their favourite celebrities lead them to believe they use. I personally am not swayed, for the most part, by celebrities but I know that everyone is different and no doubt this is why companies are keen to pay big money to celebrities for endorsing their products.