midnight ill,what would you do

January 27, 2010 7:16pm CST
hello everyone,at last midnight my stomach ache suddenly,i can not fall asleep until morning,if you ill at midnight ,what would you do?will you chosse to persist or emergency telephone call directly?
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@asanlee (408)
• Indonesia
28 Jan 10
Hallo Jean...usually we'll prepare some medicine at home, just like those for Fever, for diarre, medicatian oil, those for insect bites, also some medicine that we need in emergency use. Do you have those things at home? We have small kids, so sometimes we need to help them reduce the pain before we can send them to the doctor, not everytime we can find helps of proffesion, so the first aid is very important. Besides we also learn some traditional ways to cure some illness ...just like if you have diarre, you can make a cup of tea without sugar. drink it after cooling down, it will help to stop the diarre for a while, then you can go to the doctor to seek help.
• China
28 Jan 10
I think it's a good idea. First relieve the pain ....then go for help
• China
29 Jan 10
thank you asanlee,your suggestion is very good,i live in the bedroom in my workplace,so haven't enough medicine,i will take your advice!thank you~
@lymevat (47)
• United States
28 Jan 10
well, if i know my body condiction and the ill is not serious, I will eat some medicine first to see whether it work. if it doesn't use or i m really sick, i will go to the emergency room.