Is there a man in the moon?

@ANIME123 (2470)
United States
January 27, 2010 8:37pm CST
So I started thinking to myself is their really a man in the moon. I was just looking at the moon and it does look like it. It is just so amazing how it gives off the illusion that their is a man in the moon. I find that pretty neat, also the moon looks so big!!! The moon also looks beautiful when it's a full moon and when it's surrounded by clouds. I wonder what others think of the moon. Not a lot of people take their time to look at the moon for just a few minutes, but they really should because it's quite a sight to see. I love to just stare at the moon I wonder if the moon could talk it would tell me to stop staring at him or her. The sun which I think of as the moons opposite twin they are both beautiful and different in their own ways. The sun is so bright and yellow, while the moon is so dark and a white color. They are both wonderful, I'm glad that I could see them both one in the day and one in the night. The man in the moon makes the moon looks mysterious and almost like a living person well a living man. Anyway is there a man in the moon??
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• Estonia
28 Jan 10
I don't know, what man you are talking about, but I think I've noticed one big image on the surface and it is similar to a image of man holding some kind of horn close to his mouth. Anyway, I think it's nothing but moons landscape that resembles the shape of a man.
• United States
28 Jan 10
Well, let's just ask Andy Kauffman, shall we? Perhaps there is, perhaps there isn't. What would he be doing in the moon by himself? And why is he allowed to be in the moon, and nobody else?