You afraid of a sneeze? just in a second see you taking cold?

sneezing -  good luck or bad luck?
@icesmile (7160)
January 28, 2010 8:29am CST
When someone sneezes in a public place you tend to get your hands on your nose and mouth? You put your handkerchief to your nose and mouth, turning head, or to alert him and he put hand to mouth? You hold your breath hoping not to get germs from one who sneezes? It is more fear now that you know is flu around, or before and you were just scared? Argue with someone who sneeze around you, or in your face, just because you are angry, and hate when somebody sneezing?
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@Hatley (164077)
• Garden Grove, California
28 Jan 10
hi icesmile yes I hate to be around a roomful of people coughing and sneezing and not bothering to cover their mouths and noses. I had to endure this when I went to Quest lab to have some blood work done on a friday. By Monday evening I was throwing up and horribly ill with a stomach virus, and was ill most of that week. before that friday I was just fine, so I know I picked up this virus in that waiting room that Friday.
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@icesmile (7160)
• Romania
28 Jan 10
Hi there, i am sorry for you, i hope that you will be soon, are right, i hate people who can t control how they can infect so many peoples with flu or other kind of viruses. Is a problem of common sense for sure
@tigeraunt (6331)
• Philippines
7 Feb 10
hi ice, i have got allergies. and sometimes even in public places, i cannot hold sneezing especially when i inhale something foreign in the air. so i always bring with me my handkerchief and sometimes, tissues on my bag. that way, i will not be placed in a very embarrassing moment of sneezing and giving an unwanted shower. Things like sneezing is not a thing to argue about because it is but natural and unavoidable sometimes. ann
• Estonia
28 Jan 10
I am usually not panicking if somebody sneezes close to me. The thing that irritates me is that some people don't have any manners, I'm not worried about getting infected. It's still possible that the reason of sneezing is dust in the air or something else.