ebid whats the story?

January 28, 2010 11:55am CST
Hi folks, I just started out on ebid, ive been on ebay for years but i thought i'd give it a whirl, I need as many opinions and first hand experience of this auction site and some tips, there's 2 million auctions so it can't be all bad!!!
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@jane239 (521)
30 Jan 10
I've signed up with ebid but haven't sold anything yet but then I've only listed two or three items. I've seen some people on there with thousands in feedback so they must be doing okay and they also have the bonus of not having to contend with the new fees structure of eBay or eBay expecting its sellers to pay the postage themselves on some items. I think my problem with selling on there is the same as when I started selling on other sites which is my lack of feedback so I may start by buying some items which I think I can sell on and build some feedback up that way and sell used items rather than new to begin with so I don't need to charge as much.
3 Feb 10
I think you've got the right idea there, im doing well on ebay but I listed a few items on this ebid and I had no watchers or anything, i'm deffo gonna buy some stuff and put some items on that are nice and cheap. Thanks