Were you Team CoCo?

@olisaur (1931)
United States
January 28, 2010 2:19pm CST
In the midst of all the NBC/Tonight show drama, were you on Team Conan, Team Leno or maybe neutral? I guess I'd say I was neutral- I'm just not really crazy about either hosts. But I do get the feeling that most (or maybe just A LOT of) people were on Conan's side- do you think Jay "stole" the Tonight show back from him? Oprah is going to interview Jay Leno to get his "side" of the story on her show today; it looks interesting. :o
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@shattered (1730)
• Philippines
1 Feb 10
I always like Conan better than Leno but given the ratings the Tonight Show got as hosted by Conan, NBC may have a point. The reason for this is not only the sponsorship of the tonight show but the sponsors and endorsement deals for those after the show which dropped considerably. I still sympathize with Conan tho, NBC wanted him to stay with them that's the reason it was announced in advanced that CoCo would be getting the tonight show, now that he was not able to deliver immediately against letterman they are cutting him off, they should have given him more opportunity, perhaps at least a year before doing something drastic. So I guess that makes me neutral but leaning towards Coco...
@ravinskye (8242)
• United States
29 Jan 10
I'd have to say I was on team CoCo. Sometimes Conan isn't funny but Jay leno hasn't been very funny at all the last few years of the tonight show. I think he kind of did steal the tonight show back. His show wasn't doing well so he probably threw a fit that he was a big star and he wanted the tonight show back and they gave it to him. Although I guess Conan's ratings weren't great, but he just got started. I think he would have got better ratings if they would have gave him more time to build up an audience. jay leno's jokes were just getting lame. oh well. hopefully another network will give conan a show.