Would you be angry if the World Cup could not be broadcast in your country?

January 29, 2010 12:55am CST
Yup, we are facing the likely scenario that the World Cup will not be broadcast in Singapore at all. Which places us in the league of Chad, Somalia and North Korea. All because the people who hold the rights to the World Cup are asking for some astronomical sum from the companies in Singapore who are bidding for the rights. Apparently they are asking more than $40m because that is the amount that some stupid telco bid for the English Premier League rights. And because that stupid telco spent all that money on EPL, now they don't have enough funds to bid the same for world cup. So we could be the laughing stock of the developed world. A country that hosts the inaugural Formula One night race, that hosts the inaugural Youth Olympics... does not get access for its citizens to watch the WORLD CUP. Don't you think this is a ludicrous situation?
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@kun2349 (23381)
• Singapore
1 Feb 10
lol =D Dun worry too much.. It's not as if, everybody cares about the world cup.. For ple whom does not watch it, they will only care about the pride of singapore.. And for ple whom watches it, they will always find ways and means to get their thrills.. hehe ^_^ PLus, i'm wondering how much will subscribers be willing to pay, once we secured the rights?? It wont be cheap i guess, since we demanded for it, and they met our demands, by securing the rights?? haha =D
@adhyz82 (36249)
• Indonesia
30 Jan 10
off course iam angry. it`s only 4 years even so we all waiting for it. i do hope my national television channel can broadcast this even