Are You Crazy about APPLE IPODs ???

January 29, 2010 7:43am CST
Hi mylotters! Most of us love to listen to music. On the go, some of us can't part without our favourite music player. DO you own an Apple iPOD? If yes, how crazy are you about it??? Would you trade it for any other music player??? To start with, i have an iPOD shuffle (3rd Gen) (product RED)which has contributed a few $ to World AIDS fund.I love my ipod 2GB shuffle! If i would ever swap it for a new product it has to be Apple ipod Nano :D
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@diamania (7011)
• Netherlands
29 Jan 10
I do own one yes but saying I am crazy about it would be a complete lie. Itunes is a horrible piece of bad coding and misery when you once again lose your songs as you forgot to back up your songs, which you can't even do with itunes so you need a third-party piece of software. The Ipad isn't much good anyway, there happens to be another product called Ipad and apple is likely to get sued over the name. Also it seems that such a product already exists, but then way better with USB ports faster processor and stuff. Oh dear oh dear Steve Jobs...
• India
29 Jan 10
Yea i agree Diamania about iTunes being slightly cumbersome! But once you get a hang of it, you don't lose any music. About iPAD , i would refrain from commenting as i have not seen the product myself. Its surely a good piece of work.As far as the controversy on name is concerned, yea they are facing issues.But that is out of context for my discussion! :P