If anyone knows GERMAN teach me??

@boomima (227)
January 29, 2010 8:34am CST
I am an indian and i would like to learn many foreign languages as it is very very important when you go abroad. Among all the foreign languages i love to learn german . Is learning german so difficult or easy.. If you know german tell me some of the interesting and knowledge full sites that can teach german if we know english. For a normal human being with normal IQ , HOW many months will it take to learn german including all its grammer.. please respond to this language lover..
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@diamania (7011)
• Netherlands
29 Jan 10
I speak German myself along with English and Dutch. Well, it's not hard when you have Dutch as foundation, except for the cases which don't occur like that in Dutch. When you are learning German with English is foundation however things might be pretty hard at first but you'll see that it's fun and you can keep your motivation up by thinking about the following: - German is the largest native language in Europe. - After you've finished German you can easily hop on to Dutch. If you know Dutch you understand people speaking Afrikaans, the language spoken in South-Africa. How cool is that? :) Depending on how much time you'll be spending on German it might take at least a year before you'll know the grammar and a basic foundation of German words. Viel Erfolg! Good luck!
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4 Apr 17
Would you mind messeging me?
4 Apr 17
Me too,if you found any one please tage me
@cher913 (25782)
• Canada
29 Jan 10
i know a smattering of german having married one. i took german at night school after i got married and i found it quite difficult. in english, you have the cat, the dog, the boy, the house, etc. but in german, you have der (masculine) die (feminine) and das (nueter) and these words go in front of words ie: der man, das auto, die matchien (the girl). look on the net to see if there are any free websites that will teach you german. it just takes time to learn.
@udayrao2 (781)
• India
30 Jan 10
Hi I stay in Mumbai and also an Indian like you, so may be have a lot of common as basically my roots are also in South India. I know and speak/write German very fluently, as good as my English; what I like in that language is that unlike other languages like for example French or even English (I know French well and have learnt Russian; and had started learning Italian and also Urdu script but gave up half way due to time factor)German words are pronounced exactly as written though the grammar is a little difficult but if you know Sanskrit learning the language will be as simple as eating cake as the grammar is similar( 3 genders and case endings, etc.). The pronunciation is a bit difficult at first but among the Indians knowing German I have found that S.Indians do not find pronunciation difficult as there are more difficult words in their own languages. I think you will be able to learn the basics within a month and then your practice of it will decide how fast and good - I also suggest that there will be associations, libraries, clubs which show German language films where you can join. Here we have the Max Mueller Bhavan or Indo-German Chamber of commerce - I ma sure you have one there in Chennai too - that reminds me maybe they also give German language classes which would be the best then. Regarding sites teaching German I do not know as when I learnt that in the 60s there was no internet but we learnt going to a class& later on I had the good fortune of studying in Germany and also staying there and after returning to India continuing contacts with that country for work. And most of my good friends are Germans- very nice people whom I find sincere. Anyway, all the Best and if you have any doubt you can always ask. Regards
@ANIME123 (2466)
• United States
30 Jan 10
My friend knows German I don't it's a hard language to learn. Just keep practicing at it and you will eventually get a hang of it. It's always good to learn a new language it's a fun experience that you will encounter.
@wishuluck (233)
• Lithuania
30 Jan 10
I've been learning German for 6 years at school, it was my third language after my native Lithuanian. I studied English as my second language and had classes of German as a third for 6 years. I think I'm not too bad in English and I also speak Russian, but German.. i don't know if it was too difficult for me or maybe just because i didn't like it and my teachen wasn't very good, but i still don't understand German at all :D
@leeloo (1492)
• Portugal
29 Jan 10
I understand a little German but don't speak it as yet, the thing is the more languages you learn the easier it is to learn another, in particular if it from the same family. The time taken to learn a language differs in each individual, so there are no exact time frames, and depending on how well or how complete a basis is required, here is a free online learning site http://www.deutsch-lernen.com/ there are others, hope this gives you a better idea of the language.