trust or honesty?

January 29, 2010 9:07am CST
In relationship with your family,friends or love ones, which do you value most, trust or honesty?
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@obe212003 (2301)
• Philippines
6 Feb 10
Honesty is more valuable than trust since how can you trust someone who lies to you. Being honest is one virtue that creates trust and confidence in you, so better be honest to be trusted.
• United States
5 Feb 10
I would have to agree with the others who have posted here. I can't trust a person who isn't honest, it's the reason me and my dad don't get along, he thinks it is perfectly acceptable to lie, or keep secrets, I on the other hand may keep other people's secrets (so long as it doesn't hurt folks), but I certainly don't think lying is acceptable, nor hiding things from people.
@jkcokley (267)
• United States
31 Jan 10
Both - I would rather that they were completely honest with me though. I hate lies.
• India
29 Jan 10
I would say both. These are main parameters to be considered in any relation whether its family friend or lover. Trust and honesty both are compliment to each other. we should not forget these words any time. We should always remember these parameters, a must for relations. never try to ignore either of these. be happy and spread happiness :)
@Ravenladyj (22936)
• United States
29 Jan 10
for me they go hand in hand so I can't pick just one..IF I COULD pick just one, if they DIDNT go hand in hand for me then I would pick honesty without a doubt....