Strange Ice-Cream!

January 29, 2010 4:01pm CST
I Just Remembered When I Was a Little Younger I Eated Strange Taste Ice-Creams... Do You Believe Or Not, but Its True What I'll Write Now.... So, Firstly, We All Know What Taste Could Be Ice-Cream. e.g. Strawberry, Orange, Chocolate and so on... That Time I didn't Eat Any Of These Tastes... I Bought Ice-Cream Which Was Green Color and Taste Like Grass, It Was So Strange,so , After Tasted It, Looked at Ice-Cream Bus, and There Wrote "Vegetable Ice-Creams", so That green Was Cabbage Taste... Great!? What Strange Tastes Ever You Tried of Ice-Creams? or What is Your Favourite Taste?
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