Her rights have been suspended until further notice!!

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January 29, 2010 9:30pm CST
Last weekend my stepsons mother has lost all visitation until further notice! Some of you may have read my posts from months ago maybe even a year by now, about everything about my stepsons mother. She has a court file so thick it's not even funny. Two weeks ago he was at his mothers house for his weekend visit and she told me that he was throwing a temper tantrum (he's 6 1/2 almost 7) so she restrained him and he turned around and tried to bite her so she pushed his face away and it hit the ground and that's how his whole right side of his face got bruised. Then the following friday, (last friday) I was at the elementry school picking up my oldest daughter for an appointment when a DCYF person came over to me. She asked me if I was Ben's step mother. I told her yes and she told me she recieved a tip from the school and needed to talk to my husband right away. My husband told my step sons mother that she was going to tell them she made the mark because we were not going to be accused of something we didnt do! She agreed to meet at her place and never showed. That didnt impress DCYF what so ever. So, in the mean time my husband, stepson and the person for DCYF were talking to her oldest sons father and he said that his mother basicly cold clocked him. DCYF agreed that this was unexceptable by any means and that the story fit because why would a week and a half later his whole right side still be black and blue? She then lost all visitation to her son until further notice. I asked our Case Worker from DCYF if this will interfer with our move from NH to CT and he told us it wouldnt as she knew months ago we were moving and was okay so this is all her doing and theres nothing they can do. Her oldest son is now placed with his father until further notice as well. Dont get me wrong, I'm not saying we're perfect, but seriously how can you hurt your child like that!? We have no problem with him what so ever. He does great in school he is an awsome big brother, does what he is told the first time he is asked and even helps out around the house. I just dont understand what is wrong with her. Is it wrong for me to say I hope they do pull her rights? I know it's harsh to say but he deserves so much better.
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1 Feb 10
Maybe it is something that should have happened a long time ago. It is totally unacceptable. Yes i yell, i shout, i restrain in some ways but never ever bruised my child. Hope the kid is going over it fast and good with your help. Moving is a good decision.. Makes the child take root in some place away from a not so good experience. God speed to you and the rest of your family.
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30 Jan 10
It sounds like it is for the best that she got her visitation revoked AND that you are moving out of state soon and she will have no further contact with him for awhile because of how far away you guys are moving. How is he handling it?